Authors, Experts, Speakers, Coaches, & Entrepreneurs!

You have a story inside of you that is waiting To be told To be seen To be heard But the honest truth is You haven’t decided If your story… Is significant enough for the world to know!  

And I want you to know right now that YOU ARE NOT ALONE  

In fact, Most people who want massive media exposure Have little to no experience with How to posture themselves for Radio, Print or TV success.  

To be successful it all boils down to one thing. You have to come OUT OF HIDING and  


Massive Publicity takes N.O.I.S.E—nothing more, nothing less.

Become a Media Maverick Now 
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Your ability to make loud vibrations in the publicity space and to do so unapologetically... 

▶︎ Is your birthright. ▶︎ Is everything you deserve. ▶︎ Is the answer to someone’s prayer!  

And quite honestly, it’s time, because You were meant to experience ALL of this!  

I even considered working with a Publicist. 

Paying the likes of $3500 a month. 

With NO guarantees of media bookings.  

But I was unwilling to place the success of my story in someone else’s hands with NO guarantees and YOU can’t do that either!


Reason #1: --They are not clear about their story and what is media worthy.

Reason #2: --They lack confidence in how to package their story in a way that is presentable.

Reason #3: --They have never been coached by someone experienced with insider media connections.

Reason #4: --They struggle to build the most critical component of their story, the>

Reason #5: --They underestimate the amount of time they will have to share the most important points of their story and what those most important points are. 

Reason #6: -- They show up to promote their product or service as opposed to SERVE the audience with their genius.

Reason #7: -- They are reactive to media interviews instead of proactively taking control of them.

Reason #8: -- They lack support and a community of like-minded people.

But the BIGGEST reason I’ve discovered that people blow their interviews is…  



Listen, I get it! TRUST ME.  

 I remember like YESTERDAY what I felt. To BOTCH my first interview. To lack CONFIDENCE. To feel like I would never be SEEN or HEARD. Or the unsettling thought that I would die with my story INSIDE of ME.  

Odds are if you are considering this mastermind. You have known for some time. You were CALLED TO be a S.A.P. too. (Someone’s Answered Prayer)!  

And get this…  

I've Got The Street Cred You Need

As someone with over 25 years of experience in Hollywood, an award-winning TV Editor, my own resume is peppered with notable names such as ABC, NBC, MTV, OWN, Bravo, Dreamworks Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, The Bachelor, Swamp People, Clean House, My Cat from Hell, LA Hair, and Bar Rescue to name just a few. Publicity and DVD features for gigantic box office hits such as Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia, The Incredibles, Cars, Princess Diaries, Cinderella are also in my arsenal, plus much more.

Tough conversations with myself

I remember my devastating interview SO clearly…  

I looked good but boy did I get it wrong.

When I had to go back to the drawing board, make strong and steady efforts, to fix it.  

And boy did I FIX IT.  

I got in touch with my authentic self.  

I stopped caring about what the infamous “they” thought.  

I became a shame crusher.  

And I fixed all of the mistakes I made in my first interview.  

But Babyyyyyy I Figured It Out 

By the time my second book, So You Want To Be On A Reality Show?: Insider Tips To Make The Cut hit the market, I had gotten some “get-right,” booked myself across Top 10 media outlets around the country, and began to crush my interviews.  

The noise I made ultimately led to…  

★ Asked to do my own segment on ESPN Radio in New Orleans! (The crazy thing is that I’m not into sports at all, unless you count spreading yumminess a sport! In which case I should get a gold medal)  

★ Invited to speak at an event held at the United Nations! (Me!! Wanda Mercer’s baby girl got an invite to speak at an event at a U.N. EVENT!)  

★ Offered to do a new show for Centric TV, BET’s sister network! My taping went so well that instead of being the third episode, they bumped me up to the Week premiere episode!  


Authors, Experts, Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs You have a story inside of you that is waiting ▶︎ To be told ◀︎  

▶︎ To be seen ◀︎  

▶︎ To be heard ◀︎ And the honest truth is You can’t wait on a Publicist to sign you With NO GUARANTEES Your story will be told… And that comes at a whopping $10,000 price tag! You’re enough now Your story is significant now The world needs to hear from you NOW!  


I created a DIY publicity program and now run the Media Mavericks Academy where I help all types of people from all walks of life become "Somebody’s Answered Prayer." Applying my 7-step Maverick Method, my Media Mavericks learn to leverage the media to put their messages and their missions on display in a powerful way!  

I created this system for someone like YOU, so that you set yourself apart by focusing on the RIGHT goals at the RIGHT time and as you do it, watch your story go from GOOD to GREAT---GUARANTEED!

I am going to move you from FRUSTRATION to ELATION.  

That is your media RIGHT-OF-PASSAGE.  


I know how SCARY it can be to put your WHOLE and VULNERABLE self out there and if you think getting a spot in the media is impossible … think again. I did it and have the experience to show you exactly how to go from little-known expert to nationally recognized guru.  

You see, along with correcting the mistakes I made in my first botched interview, I learned a ton of insider secrets about pitching great television segments during my 20-year career as a TV editor.  

Not to toot my own horn, but I earned the reputation as one of Hollywood’s most highly sought-after editors with work featured in everything from celebrity news stories and DVD bonus features for The Walt Disney Company, to Reality TV shows.  

People want to know they can trust someone who has traveled the road they want to pave and I get it.  

That’s why you can see my magic sprinkled all over hit shows like:  

Extra The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno The Bachelor (ABC) Bar Rescue (SpikeTV) Swamp People (History Channel) Clean House (Style) LA Hair (WeTV) My Cat from Hell (Animal Planet) Redneck Divas (TLC) Joan & Melissa Knows Best (WeTV) Black Gold (Tru TV) A&E’s Top Ten (A&E) It’s Me or the Dog (Animal Planet)
And many more...  

Not to mention, my team and I won an Emmy for Home Made Simple on OWN TV


I was the Behind-The-Scenes Producer for the #1 comedy of 2018 - "Night School" with Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish. And 2019's update to the classic "Shaft" starring Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Roundtree & Jessie T. Usher.

✓ No more second-guessing yourself.
✓ No more lacking confidence in your abilities.
✓ No more fear of not being seen or heard.  
It is time for you to walk in the FREEDOM and FLOW that comes when you position yourself for MEDIA SUCCESS!

All of your objections against being the solution to someone’s prayer STOP HERE


You’ve reached out to local stations about being on and heard nothing but digital crickets.  


You are losing sleep trying to figure out ways you can get MORE exposure with LESS effort.  

You’re fed up with hearing from friends and family about how “great” you are and that the world should know it!  

And if you’re feeling like I once did…  

You've done an interview and felt ill-equipped to really leverage the opportunity.  

You even know for yourself that many people would be your loyal fans...if only they knew about you.


National versus Local Benefits – You get access to expertise on getting booked in markets like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. I will also help you discover which shows are a good fit for you based on your unique message.  

Drill Down Your Genius – I will teach you how to get to the CORE of your brilliance and present your story in a MEDIA SEXY way. Together we will partner to plot out a cost-effective media tour that is budget friendly yet still gives you the EXPERIENCE and EXPSOURE you desire.  

Clarify Your Chyron I help you identify your "chyron," which is what you want to be known as in the media. I walk you through some of the same exercises I’ve done for other Mavericks and give you access to a community of seasoned and new Mavericks to help you pound out ideas. 

✓ Tara L. Paige, I branded her as "The Inner Glamourist."

✓Anthony Elfonzia who is a personal trainer, we branded him as "The Body Contractor."

✓ Julia Winston, who is a coach to middle management executives, I christened her, “The Middle Manager Maestro”  



HOOK em – I help you develop a media segment to get the editors and producers' attention by applying the WIIF-TV, WIIF-TL, WIIF-TR formula. (What's in It for The Viewer, Listener, Viewer?)  

✓ I teach you how to develop a segment that grabs the attention of the decision makers.  

✓ I help you to understand what types of segments are publicity worthy.  

✓ I teach how to S.E.R.V.E. your audience that has them slapping their keyboard to get to your website.  

Give-Great-Get – I teach you how to apply techniques that APPLY to your segment/s and how to show up to SERVE first not SELL.  

Tease it Out – We tease out what your interview will look like for your BIG SHOT in the media so you can increase your personal and professional brand success. I give you access to a private community where you will receive feedback, suggestions and recommendations for other Mavericks who have tried and applied the techniques I will teach you.  


✓Explain the hierarchy of the decision makers and how you get to them.  

✓Teach you how to develop a Hook that is catchy the moment it rolls off your tongue.  

✓Break down the elements of a pitch that gets noticed.  

✓Teach you how to HOOK producers and get them to return your calls.  


✓Teach you how to hook the producers on the phone when email does not work.  

✓Give you a script for you to follow when you get the producer on the phone.  

✓Show you recordings of my actual pitches with producers on the phone.  



Segment Preparation  

✓ How to be a dream guest for producers

✓ What to expect before, during, and after your segment

✓ How to keep your segment rolling even if you make a mistake

✓ What to send ahead of your interview  

✓ Teach you what producers look for in an interviewee  


Interview Preparation

 ✓ Drive the audience to your site and how to be seen as the expert guest so you get invited back again.

✓ Prepare in advance for potential errors in your interview story and still looking like a pro and seasoned guest.  

✓ Drill your segment down to 3 minutes and how to recover when the host takes you off task of the conversation.  

✓ Control your segment so you don’t leave without the full magnitude of your message being heard  



✓ Leverage your appearances ino more media opportunities  

✓ How to keep in touch with producers and get invited back  

✓ Stay at the top of the list in a producer’s rolodex  


You get additional MONTHLY Q&As on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:15 pm PST / 7:15 pm CST / 8:15 pm EST.  

If you can't make it live, you can submit a question and listen to the recording. 

Become a Media Maverick Now
Payment Plan Available


Get all of these handpicked yummy bonuses valued at over $5000 when you take FAST ACTION TODAY!

Only 107 spots available with the FIRST 22 new Mavericks getting a pitch review session with ME!

==> ONE-ON-ONE PITCH REVIEW SESSION WITH ME. For the FIRST 22 NEW Mavericks...once you complete Modules 3 and 4 on pitching, you can submit your pitch to me for review all of 2023!

==> 3 BIWEEKLY Q&As. Usually, the Q&As are monthly. But beginning the second week of January, I'm making myself available for 3 Q&As so you can ask me questions as you go through the program.

==> LIFETIME ACCESS Invest NOW and start the training on YOUR schedule. The trainings will be in your portal.

==> SIGNED HARD COPY OF MY BOOKS "Newsjacking 101" and "So You Want To Be On A Reality Show?: Insider Tips To Make The Cut"

==> LINKED IN PROFILE AUDIT WITH THE LINKEDIN PROFESSOR - She will make sure your LI Profile is media-ready. Plus 50% off a FULL strategy session.



==> SCROLL-PROOF YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT LINE - Apryl Beverly Write subject lines that get opened

==> STALK PRODUCERS USING LINKEDIN - Tajuana Ross Linkedin hacks to get to producers faster

==> TURN YOUR MEDIA INTO MONEY - Jennifer Kem How she made $411,000 from her first media appearance

==> 5 KEYS TO BUILD A BANKABLE BRANDKelly Charles Collins Tools to create a brand that pays

==> 7 DEADLY SINS OF SELLING - Wes Schaeffer Mistakes to avoid so your sales game goes up



Will I be a more confident interviewee after taking this course?
Yes. Media confidence is a fundamental basis of this program. In Maverick Masters, I give you the edge and preparation you need to increase your esteem.  

How do I get booked in the Media? Once you have enrolled in the program I teach you not only how to get booked in the media but where to get booked as well AND I show you how to crush the interview.

Am I guaranteed to get booked? Every brand is not a fit for TV, but I have not had one Maverick who has done the work and applied the training, who has not booked themselves on some media outlet in the country.

What if I don’t want to be on TV? It’s OK. I have several Mavericks who joined my program not wanting to be on TV but who are killing it in the radio and print sectors.  

Once I complete the course for Massive Media Exposure how can I stay in contact with you?
We have monthly Q&As on the THIRD Thursday of every month. The deets will be in your welcome pack.

I want to work with you one on one and am interested in the Media Mavericks Elite program, who do I contact? For more information about the Media Mavericks Masters program contact  

Will I have other support when TeeJ isn’t available? Yes. Media Mavericks Masters is a community of NOISEMAKERS, new and seasoned who you can lean on for support in addition to TeeJ.  

What if I am still afraid to get booked after the course? That is OK we will hold your hand (virtually) and support you until you gain the confidence it takes to make some N.O.I.S.E in TV, Radio, or Print.  

Does TeeJ offer any one-on-one coaching? Yes! You can book sessions with TeeJ to work on your soundbites, your storytelling or anything else that's in her wheelhouse to help you.

After you complete assignments up to week four (the 2nd pitching module) and you determine that Maverick Masters is not for you, I will give you a full refund.